Christ in “all the scriptures” – Luke 24:27

Chapter One

Two Great Lights – Genesis 1:16

Chapter Two

The Blood… That Speaketh Better Things  – Hebrews 12:24

Chapter Three

Christ Our Passover – 1 Corinthians 5:7

Chapter Four

The Midst of the Valley – Joshua 8:13

Chapter Five

A Strong Hold in the Day of Trouble – Nahum 1:7

Chapter Six

Free Indeed – John 8:36

Chapter Seven

The Just Shall Live By Faith – Romans 1:17

Chapter Eight

All Have Sinned – Romans 3:23


Christ, the Sun of Righteousness – Malachi 4:2

Appendix A

The Gifts of the Spirit

Appendix B

Faith, Grace and the Love of God



By Ian Potts

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